Getting to know Google Tag Manager

Saturday, January 9, 2016 - 8:30am to 11:30am


FatPipe ABQ
200 Broadway NE
87102 Albuquerque , NM


A Tag Management System (TMS) like Google’s free Tag Manager (GTM) puts marketers in control of marketing technology by easing deployment of analytics and advertising tags. GTM reduces reliance on development resources for websites and apps and speeds up the site by firing only needed tags through Rules or Triggers. Empirical Path’s Peter Howley will train marketers and technologists alike to migrate and enhance tags, share key user actions and traits across vendors, and save time and resources.


  1. Overview (:20)
  2. Tags (:20)
  3. Triggers (:20)
  4. Variables (:20)
  5. GA Tag Options (:30)
  6. Auto-Event Tracking (:20)
  7. DataLayer (:15)
  8. Listeners (:15)
  9. Mobile (:10)
  10. Blacklists & Whitelists (:10)


Peter Howley founded Empirical Path in 2002. He is a seasoned consultant and manager who has advised diverse organizations -- from household names to startups -- in media, finance, retail, not-for-profit and government.

Howley developed Empirical Path’s data-driven approach while at Bain & Company and in the MBA Program at Harvard Business School. He has earned Adobe Analytics and Google Analytics certifications.

Howley led web analytics and market research at, then headed the advertising effectiveness product line at the largest online ad network.