I Cured My Imposter Syndrome Using This One Weird Trick

Wednesday, October 3, 2018 - 6:30pm to 7:30pm


301 Gold, suite 201
87102 Albuquerque , NM

Described as “feelings of incompleteness or being not good enough,” Imposter Syndrome is commonly found in developers and tech workers everywhere. We’re encouraged to change our mindsets around our work, ask questions, or generally pull ourselves up by our bootstraps in order to overcome bouts of this, but as with all syndromes, nobody talks about a cure. If pulling psychological tricks on ourselves isn’t delivering the goods, we’re encouraged to keep trying (and failing,) and thus stacking just one more thing we can’t do on that depressing list. I have cured my crippling Imposter Syndrome, without setting out to do so. I’ll show you a surprising way I discovered its root and worked with little effort to positively affect my mindset at work and elsewhere, without the additional adoption of religion, therapy, or other alternative thinking. I’ll take you through some of the discoveries I made about my condition that, in solely acknowledging, improved my experience at work almost immediately and set me up for a deeper understanding of where my condition originated.

Additionally, we will be meeting at RS21 (https://rs21.io). Still downtown, at 301 Gold, suite 201 (3rd St and Gold).

About the Speaker:
Caroline C. Blaker is the Principal and Founder of Petroglyph Creative, member of the ExpressionEngine Professionals Network since 2011. A web developer since 2003, Caroline has been developing ExpressionEngine websites for 7 years and credits it with empowering her 5 year freelance career. Away from work, Caroline co-leads the ABQ Web Geeks group and sometimes tries to be funny.