#NOSPEC & Outsourcing

Wednesday, August 7, 2013 - 6:30pm to 8:30pm


Convivium Coworking
5924 Anaheim Avenue Northeast
87113 Albuquerque , NM

How these issues affect your opportunities & community

How do you keep your opportunities in reach when so many businesses seek out cheap labor overseas, or call on crowdsourcing for "more options"? Spec (speculative) work, contests, competitions, pro-bono , and a little bit about outsourcing, it's affecting the industries of graphic designers, photographers, developers, and writers.

Learn about how you can enter into client projects with full engagement to show your value and worth, and become aware of all potential risks of speculative work, and find solutions to keep our growing community strong, to create an awareness of the talent within reach.

About the Presenter:

Lori is a veteran, a Navy Reservist, a lover of punk, a mentor and educator, the President of AIGA New Mexico and a life-long student of design. Working independently in Albuquerque, Lori stays active and connected with her community, peers and design.